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Land for sale in La Isabela Dominican Republic Caribbean

USD 18,000,000 (EUR≈14,717,923    GBP≈10,755,252)

Manatee Peninsula, Dominican Republic, Caribbean

Listed by JSB International Consulting Corp.

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Please note – that this is only 2/3 of the property – it continues in the left upper corner
With other properties you will have
to purchase a few 1000 square meters for every meter of beach front. Everybody will have a water view!
Just an idea.
The lagoon is great for boating and fishing or swimming with the gentle manatees
A small pavilion has been set up to serve potential buyer’s snacks during a tour. Nobody, but a paid guard, is living on the property. Construction could start immediately after the purchase.
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Address: Manatee Peninsula
City: La Isabela
Region: Dominican Republic
Country: Caribbean
Longitude: -71.164284
Latitude: 19.859523
Price: USD: 18,000,000
Lot Size: 355+ acres / 1.44 million sq meter
Status: Active
Agent info:

Full Description:
Beachfront Property FOR SALE in the North Dominican Republic

A unique opportunity to purchase the "Miami Beach" of the Dominican Republic.

355+ acres / 1.44 million square meters – 4.4 Miles / 7.1KM Beach Front.

Our property is priced at ~$10 per square meter, while the cheapest competitive property (with far less beach front) sells for $16,50 / sqm. This is a truly unique opportunity at a truly unique price! The property has been highlighted in many publications including the Luxist.

The owner inherited the property but is ready for retirement. This is your chance to purchase the property far below market value, develop it and receive an unheard return on invest. It is the current owner’s loss and the new owners gain...

Area Highlights
Zoned: Zoned for “Tourism”, the official 2008 “Tasacion” (appraisal) received the highest rating of 4: Excellent. Can also divide and sell individual lots.

Protected: Area is known as a “hurricane hole” since a 10,000-foot mountain range to the southeast acts as a natural hurricane shield.

Airports: Less than 90 Minutes from 2 International Airports (Puerto Plata and Santiago).

Utility Access: Property is about 1/2 Mile (800 Meters) from the main road with utilities.

Local Business Development: The friendly township of La Isabella welcomes all tourist development and activities.

Tourism Highlights:
The federal government is actively supporting and encouraging tourism and commercial development in this area. Construction and the tourism market continue to increase tremendously every year. There are over 250 International flights to the DR every week.

Eco-Nature: Named the "Manatee Peninsula" due to the extensive lagoon filled with playful, gentle manatees.

500-Year-Old History: Christopher Columbus discovered the peninsula on his second trip to the New World in 1493 and he anchored his boats in the lagoon. The property is minutes from the original settlement of Christopher Columbus: "La Isabella" which is known as the first European
settlement in the New World (now a National Park).

Hot Destinations:
• Paradise Islands: Short boat ride to the world famous Paradise Islands (Sand Islands).
• Local Town: Luperon, an up and coming tourist hot spot with the best-protected natural harbor in the Caribbean.
• Yachting & Golf: Punta Alma, a golf and yacht resort is being developed nearby.
• Armando Bermudez National Park: Established in 1956, this was the first national park in the DR. It is still considered the most popular due to the 10,128-foot-tall Pico Duarte.

Attraction Ideas:
• Historic Recreations: Build a replica of the original Columbus settlement and or museum on the property and anchor a replica of his ship in the lagoon to attract daytrip tourist.
• Water Activities: Offer diving for treasure, cave diving, fishing trips, snorkeling, parasailing, and whale watching tours.
• Water Tours: Arrange boat tours to the Paradise Islands, La Isabella, Puerto Plata, and other fun and historic ports or beaches.
• Excursions: Design day and overnight excursions to historic centers, agricultural tours, nature parks, and more.
• Mountain Trips: Propose unsurpassed Jeep Tours in the DR mountains.

Executive Summary
This property has been in the German owner’s family for many years. The current, local owner inherited the property from his father a few years ago.

To take a unique marketing approach in a challenging economy, the owner contacted a group of German business executives that have numerous international connections and asked them to use their contacts to market the property on his behalf. Our group has
members in the Dominican Republic, Germany, and the US and can communicate in English, German, and Spanish.

We have taken extensive measures to protect all parties from any potential fraud. The transaction will be handled by a Denver, Colorado law firm, which is listed by Martindale-Hubbell as one of the preeminent law firms specializing in real estate. The same law firm will be handling the money transfer and distribution. All payments, including down payments, will be put into an escrow account at the Denver law firm. The law firm will only disburse the funds when the buyer confirms that the property is in the buyer’s name.

The seller is the sole owner of the property and the property has a clear title and is free of debts and liens. An official 2008 “Tasacion” (appraisal) confirms that the property is zoned for tourism and, based on its location and the quality of the beachfront, out of four possible tiers, it is rated “excellent” -- the highest rating.

In the Dominican Republic to make property purchases more transparent and to prevent “surprises” for the buyer, as of April 4, 2009, a “deslinde” is required for any property sale.
The “deslinde” procedure converts a provisional title that guarantees the property right of ownership for a portion of land within a bigger parcel into a definite title that guarantees the ownership of an individual parcel. A “deslinde”, as well as an official GPS survey, is available for this property.

The property has the perfect shape for a luxury resort with villas, a private community, or even a mixed development that would allow every individual villa not only extreme privacy, but also an extraordinary water view. The property can be sub-divided and individual waterfront lots can be sold for a tremendous profit. The property might also be turned into
a private retreat for a well-appointed individual or as a rehab center. With the high-end yacht market growing, this enormous beachfront property offers the buyer the possibility to dock one or more yachts. Theoretically, there is even enough acreage length and depth to put in an 8,000-foot runway for commercial planes.

Christopher Columbus stayed on this historical property during his second trip to the New World and anchored his “yachts” in the property's lagoon while he built the settlement La Isabella. From the property you can see the “Templo de las Americas,” a church built to celebrate the 500th anniversary of La Isabella.

Although the owner inherited the property he is preparing for retirement and this is your chance to purchase the property far below market value, develop it, and then collect an incredible return on your investment. This makes it the seller’s loss and the buyer's gain!

The buyer will be in good hands -- members of our group have been involved in real estate construction of similar types of projects in the Dominican Republic for many years and are prepared to answer any questions related to building on the property. We would also be glad to share the contact information of local resources. We are well connected on the island and would also be happy to assist with any permit related questions and procedures. The Dominican Republic Government is extremely eager to increase tourism in Luperon and La Isabella and is very supportive of any investments in that area.

If you see Pegman on the map , drag him to the property's location. If the street lights up, drop him to watch Google's street view of the surroundings.


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